Netherlands Small Fruit Solutions Serbia

Joining forces for a robust and sustainable small fruit sector in Serbia


A public private initiative from the Netherlands 

The Serbian small fruit sector is rapidly changing. Newly established cooperatives are introducing new fruit varieties, production techniques and standards, and improving the post-harvest process. The move from frozen to fresh products has already led to an impressive jump in both yield and growers income. The Serbian authorities intend to further boost the sector by introducing the latest varieties of small fruit.

The Dutch fruit sector has satisfied the healthy palate of millions of people around the world. We grow a wide variety of fruit on land and in greenhouses, using advanced and sustainable techniques. By fostering cooperation between our governments, companies and knowledge institutions, we can support Serbia in growing a robust fruit sector.

The Dutch government and a group of 12 leading companies, with complementary specialities, have developed a public-private partnership: Netherlands Small Fruit Solutions Serbia. Our objective is to assist Serbia and Serbian growers in making the fruit sector more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

We offer an integrated approach, combining knowledge, infrastructure and technology – all adapted to Serbian requirements. To increase fruit quantity and quality and enhance fruit-plant protection and fruit export, we intend to:

  • introduce new virus-free small fruit varieties,

  • design and implement intensive gardens and orchards, and

  • improve the pre-harvest, harvest, and post-harvest process.

We will present our techniques and innovation on our demo plot in Arilje (Western Serbia). Netherlands Small Fruit Solutions Serbia aims to contribute to the development of a more productive and consistent small fruit sector in Serbia.

Training and knowledge exchange are at the centre of our plan. Together, we can work on developing the whole chain, all the way from breeding to handling and storage.

Further professionalisation of the small fruit sector provides growers and smallholders with higher and stable incomes. It will boost the local small fruit sector and create jobs in the entire chain. Ultimately, Netherlands Small Fruit Solutions Serbia wishes to be a partner for sustainable change in the Serbian small fruit chain.


An integrated approach

The partners in this cluster are all frontrunners in their business. Together they act as knowledge partner and partner in covering products and services related to state-of-the-art planting materials, cultivation of soft fruit (raspberries, black current, red berries, blue berries, straw berries) and cherries, and post-harvest handling, storage and processing technologies.

Cooperation between the partners will have the most efficient impact for a more productive development of the small fruit sector in Serbia.






Evers International

Evers International offers worldwide consultancy services for agri-business development in the food security and the water management sector. Public-private approach, market studies, fact finding missions and seminars are the ingredients of the Serbian mission.



Genson Quality Plants

Genson Quality Plants is an international top supplier of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and gooseberry plants for the professional growth. From propagation to cultivation and from packing tot cooling and delivery; we ensure quality by keeping the whole process in our own hands. We are specialists when it comes to customizing and we can supply large volumes with a consistent quality. Our plants form the basis of successful cultivation. Genson produces high-quality plants using modern, innovative and sustainable cultivation methods. Our plants find their way all over Europe and beyond. Genson Quality Plants is part of the Genson Group


As a middle sized plant propagator, Rapo has been producing strawberry plants for over 40 years now. We produce over 20 varieties and are specialised in fresh plants, frigo plants and fresh plants for the Mediterranean climate. Our varieties are divided in the early, middle and late segment and we also have a couple of everbearing varieties. It's only fair to say Rapo is a well-known player in our line of business!

Besides strawberries, we are also producing asparagus plants and rootstocks. These are grown according the regulation of Naktuinbouw. We are proud to say all our plant material is certificated via this quality system!

Fall Creek

Fall Creek, a world-leading blueberry breeding and nursery company founded in Oregon (USA) in 1978, serves the global fruit industry by delivering blueberry genetics, plants, variety-specific technical horticultural support and market intelligence to growers.

Fall Creek offers the industry’s most extensive variety portfolio at all chill levels and is focused on its mission: Building A World With Better Blueberries Through Exceptional Plants, Relationships, Innovation and Customer Success™.

Fleuren Boomkwekerij

Fleuren Boomkwekerij provides added value through its work devising new tree forms and plant systems. Fleuren invented the famous ‘knip-tree’ and ‘3K-tree’, which took the global fruit tree sector to a new level. Recent innovations include large-fruited cherry varieties. Fleuren Boomkwekerij specialises in the cultivation of apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees.

VGB Watertechniek

With over 30 years of experience in irrigation and fertigation VGB offers the latest technological developments in the field of fertigation. VGB is specialized in outdoor drip and sprinkler irrigation (night frost protection) hard fruit, stone fruit and soft fruit orchards and plantations.

Fertigation is combination of irrigation and fertigation. The aspects of water conservation and targeted fertilization is obtained by an integrated approach of climate data, soil analysis, water analysis data and the crop requirements. The system consisting of 3 units: a container unit with electrical pump and fertilizer unit, a subsurface pipes network with surface drip PCND hoses and a steering unit to process data from the installed weather station, sensors for humidity and temperature in the orchard and the crop water requirements. The system can be hand controlled and remote controlled. Fertigation with PCND hoses (pressure compensating, no drainage).

BVB Substrates

BVB Substrates is the specialist in substrates for the soft fruit sector. We can always provide our growers with advice and help them decide what would be the best mixture for their specific growing methods and cultivation style. We offer substrates for several different types of soft fruits, like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. With its own R&D Department, technically advanced laboratories and a phytotron BVB Substrates believes in a true focus on customer success. Together with great quality growing media and excellent advice, BVB Substrates can supply the best products.


For over 35 years Bato Plastics has been developing, producing and distributing (plastic) products for the cultivation of vegetables, softfruits and floriculture, as well as clientspecific custom-moulding items. We provide thousands of growers worldwide innovative solutions: from clips to substrate trays, and from ornamental pots to truss supports and gutters.

Bato is actively working on the world of tomorrow. Since 2001 we have designed and developed various products made from biodegradable and/or compostable material.

FS Europe

Fruit Support Europe has many years of experience in the field of protecting an orchard. Fruit Support Europe offers solutions that work more efficiently and deliver a real quality end product. We are fully specialized in supplying a complete package of support and covering materials across Europe and distribution of our products worldwide. If you require an excellent support, our specialists are at your service.


AgrowSer stands for innovation, high quality and thinking in solutions. We design, produce and supply fruit covers, tunnel and multi-tunnel greenhouses, foil covered greenhouses and all related products. AgrowSer operates worldwide and has a strong market position. Our controlled stock policy and own production make us independent and flexible. We work with a solid team of professionals and develop and produce customized greenhouses and tunnels. For each application, we make a static construction calculation and all amenities and coverings are optimally adapted to the (local) climate and the crop.

Hol Spraying Systems

Hol Spraying Systems is a manufacturer of fruit crop protection machinery since 2010. Our developed focus points are maximum deposition and less drift reduction, combined in an easy machine that growers give a useful handsome product.

In our range we build single and triple row orchard sprayers, different versions of weed sprayers and chemical mixers.

Koppert Biological Systems

Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. We achieve this by using natural enemies to combat pest infestations, bumblebees for natural pollination, and bio stimulants that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground. Restoring and protecting vital ecosystems in a natural way is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment.


Geerlofs Refrigeration is a leading specialist in cold storage solutions for fresh and frozen produce. Geerlofs combines knowledge of fresh produce with engineering expertise. Geerlofs has more than 85 years of experience in designing and building turn-key cold stores worldwide for agriculture products, flowers and flower bulbs, food processing industry and perishables centres.

Our Products: Cold stores, freezer stores, industrial refrigeration solutions, insulated doors, insulated panels, PLC controls with application specific software.

Companies Connected

Companies Connected acts as local liaison connecting the cluster members with local stakeholders, initiating and organizing activities in Serbia. Companies Connected is a management consulting company with the mission to enable the development, longevity and profitability of the companies we work with. Through the continuous transfer of the knowledge we strive to inspire people in creating the best version of themselves and their companies.



If you have any questions, please contact the cluster coordinator.